Sunday, October 14, 2007

Melee Weapons!

Twice a year our town has Throw Out Day, in which you can put anything no matter how big or ungainly out at the curb and it'll be hauled away (I think acutely toxic things like paint and tires are still excluded). It's tomorrow, so the place looks like hell right now, with piles of stuff everywhere, and roving packs of feral-looking humanoids rummaging around in them. Our son hauled home a huge sack of aluminum bats - the perfect anti-zombie hand-to-hand weapon! I was thrilled! I'll be up to elbows in gore before they bring me down!


Anonymous Jenine said...

Score! In Oakland CA it was called "Large Item Garbage Day." The city waited until ten days beforehand to notify the neighborhood that it was going to happen. They didn't want the scavenging to be too organized? I loved seeing the heaps of discards.

5:18 PM  

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