Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dream - A Doozy!

I dreamed I was at this kid's birthday party with my daughter and my wife. Everything was going wrong at the part. The lady running it wouldn't give my daughter a separate plate of chicken nuggets, but made her and the girl sitting next to her share a plate and they were fighting. Then the woman wanted me to pop the layers of the birthday cake out of the cake pans. I made a joke and said, no, I'd rather not, but she kept insisting. My wife, who in real life would somehow intervene at that point, kept on chewing on chicken nuggets. I finally lost my temper and said no, I'm not popping the fuckin' cakes out of the fuckin' pans, lady. I went to leave and my father was walking in the door, soaking wet, like he's just swam there. He said his girlfriend's dog was sick. I said I'd help him with it and followed him out the door.



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