Saturday, September 06, 2008

News: RNC to be Held in 8th Circle of the Abyss!

Not surprisingly, all the recent "red meat" rhetoric of our Republican friends has found its way into the speeches of the damned I'm putting in the 8th circle of hell. Here are a few choice phrases:

We don’t really like strangers hanging around here too much.
You see what we do with trouble makers.
Ideas are bad.
You just make do. That’s what me and old Bert do.
Bert and me don’t bother anyone, and we expect others to do the same! And if they don’t, well, that’s their bad choice! That’s on them!
Damn foreigner with his filthy, heathen ways.
They’re all the same. And not for normal folk.
Telling the workers how God wants freedom for all people. Have you ever heard such foolishness? Have you ever seen where God wants things different than the way they are?
No sense stirring things up and making people all upset and making them act foolish. Good common sense, that’s what we need. And these boys here just didn’t have any.

I guess I shoulda had a sexy mom uttering such damnable phrases, but we can't have the parallel be too exact!

EDIT: Okay, I'm going to go all the way and have one of the damned call one of the people they've tortured to death a "philosophicator"! Now that is a simple pleasure.


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