Sunday, December 17, 2006

House of the Dead 2

Watched House of the Dead 2 last night on the Sci-Fi channel. (Actually, I flipped between it and SNL.) Harmless. Actually, to put it in context: it was about 10x better than any other movie I've seen made by the Sci-Fi channel, which tend to be absurd CGI trash. This was a competent mass zombie attack, with arrogant civilians scrapping with hot-shot military (no, really?!). It wasn't much different than Resident Evil, and probably made with one-tenth the budget, so they should be pleased with what they got. (I didn't see what it had to do with the video game, which is probably my favorite first-person shooter at the arcades, but I guess that's pretty irrelevant.) I didn't quite understand the exact status of the zombies: they seemed plenty fast, but very clumsy, so they could catch up to the characters at a full run, but then they'd kind of flail around and not be able to get a grip on them. Oh, and the flailing: I remember one interview with Romero, he said that you never, ever wanted to make any motions when you were directing a crowd of zombies, or suddenly the whole crowd of several hundred people would all make exactly the same motions, instead of making random, mindless movements, and it wouldn't look right. Well, somebody must've flailed their arms in unison, from left to right, because that's what every, single zombie did in this movie, and it looked goofy.


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