Sunday, November 26, 2006

Zombie vs. shark

I was reading somewhere about the famous zombie vs. shark scene that is part of what is supposed to make Fulci's Zombie the greatest zombie flick of all time. So, a little Google and someone else going to the trouble of posting it and I got to see it:

Like the other clips on the site, I think all you can say is "Hmm, that was interesting." Not scarey, not creepy, not exciting, just interesting. I was surprised the shark did as well as it did. I guess I was thinking that a crowd of zombies would be able to bring it down, but on further thought (if such a thing deserves further thought), one zombie would probably end up like this one. Now, a crowd of zombies versus several sharks, with more showing up all the time because of the blood in the water... hmm, now that's sounding very interesting. Or, wait, zombies versus piranhas! I think that's got it. The zombies aren't quick or coordinated enough to grab such little adversaries, but if the water was just teeming with them, the undead might grab a few and chomp them, while being torn to bits themselves. That'd be out of control. In fact, a zombie would reach up to a low tree branch, to try to save itself from the carnage, and all that'd be left would be its arms, head, and upper torso. Wicked sick. Well, at least, that's how I'd do the scene. If I believed that zombies attack animals. Which I don't. Well, in order to make such a wicked sick scene, maybe I do.

But, trying to leave nitpicking aside (but failing), this isn't too much in the way of film making, is it? The shark's toothlessness is clear in one shot (which could have been left out easily enough, to help maintain the illusion), and he is awfully darn slow. He's also in perfect shape on the second pass, even though the zombie had supposedly taken a big bite out of him on the first pass. And maybe most absurdly, why'd they have the fake arm tear off and leave the sleeve intact? It wouldn't seem asking too much to have the whole thing rigged up to tear off and leave a jagged sleeve.


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