Saturday, December 02, 2006


Since Permuted is already busy plugging away for Dying 2 Live, here's the synopsis of it.

In a modern world overrun by flesh-eating zombies, a single man makes his way across the deserted landscape. His monotonous and violent existence is punctuated by anguished doubts about the morality of killing the all-too-human monsters that surround him, and by anger at the God who could allow such horrors. He is helped in his struggle both to survive and to answer the nagging questions of existence when he joins a group of other survivors, led jointly by an ever-practical and efficient military man, together with a mysterious and quizzical prophet. With quiet courage, their community creates a little niche of peace and beauty among the hungry ghouls, until it is threatened by another group of much less enlightened or humane survivors. In the final battle between these two groups, it becomes clear that some of the living are much more terrifyingly evil and monstrous than the undead could ever be.

This debut novel blends theological ruminations, thrilling action sequences, and horrific violence into a unique take on the zombie myth. It’s Romero meets St. Augustine meets Dante in this thoughtful, harrowing, and oddly-uplifting descent into zombie carnage and human depravity.


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