Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Work, Editing!

When I posted my writing update, clearly I was thinking too narrowly! A lot of my work is on editing of various sorts! For fiction editing, look at my zombie anthologies HISTORY IS DEAD and THE WORLD IS DEAD. Really happy with how both turned out, and especially proud of the first - really original works, many by first time authors.

But, for the last couple years, I've spent a lot of time editing work on
St. Augustine. I'm the book review editor over at the super snazzy, flagship journal (and what not) AUGUSTINIAN STUDIES. We now publish more than 40 reviews a year! And two essays collections on him are now coming together - AUGUSTINE AND SCIENCE to be published by Lexington Books. Got some great essays - Augustine knew the world was flat! (So did lots of people, but it's been debated in his case!) He had this idea that life forms may have changed over time, so they when they were first created, they weren't exactly the same as they are today! (Yes, not a full blown theory of evolution, but way ahead of some fundies today with their insistence on fixity of species.) And AUGUSTINE AND PSYCHOLOGY also from Lexington Books. Of course the "standard" issues of Confessions are addressed, but also current applications of Augustine's idea of how our minds and spirits might work.

Also, since I posted about swag, things are restarting over at GOLEM: JOURNAL OF RELIGION AND MONSTERS. That'll take some time, to solicit manuscripts, edit them, and put a new issue together, but stayed tuned! (Got to produce something, now that we have swag!)


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