Monday, June 11, 2012

New Work, Synopses

Since I was stalled for a bit, I haven't posted on the WIP (Work in Progress) for some time. There are two, really. I will give you the "cocktail party" synopsis of each!

The non-fiction work is my thoughts on "Why Christians can chill out and just enjoy being with their atheist friends, and not try to convert them, because if our God is as great and loving as we claim, He has beneficent plans for all His children; if He is as far beyond human comprehension as we also claim, we can't prescribe to our fellow, fallible humans, what they *have* to believe about Him, in order to live a good life or afterlife. Further, just 'being with' and loving someone is a better way to share God's presence in one's life." I got bogged down engaging in a dialogue with some of the "New" atheism, but ultimately (soon) it'll come together! It will be out from the fine folks at Baylor University Press.

The novel, PALE GODS, is further along - 2/3 finished. I used to describe it as "Zombie Moby-Dick," but stopped, as everyone assumed (some with fascination, some with rolled eyes) that this meant "zombie whale(s)." It really means, "Crazy guy chases zombies, thinking that that will solve the 'issues' he has with the Universe and its Creator." (Since that's what I think Moby-Dick is really about, substituting "Whale" for "zombies.")


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