Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Nonfiction Collection

Edited by Jeff Sellars and soon to be released from Pickwick Publications (a division of Wipf and Stock). Here's the TOC (mine is a reprint from a collection a couple years ago, though I did tweak the intro and added a bunch more Scriptural references, so I do think it's stronger):

edited by Jeff Sellars

SECTION I From Out of the Darkness, Into the Light: Evil, Violence, Depths, and Trauma

Representing Evil in Schindler’s List and Life is Beautiful
Simon Oliver

Imagining a Better Way: Ben X and Marjorie Suchocki’s The Fall to Violence: Original Sin in Relational Theology
J. Ryan Parker

De Profundis . . . Out of the Shallows . . . Enter the Void
Peter Malone

Recalling Jesus: Form, Theory, and Trauma in Jesus Cinema
Michael Leary

SECTION II From Light to Light: Grace, Forgiveness, and Community

Embracing Failure and Extending Grace in a Digital Age: Viewing The Social Network and Catfish Theologically
J. Sage Elwell

There Will Be Frogs: P. T. Anderson and the Strangeness of Common Grace
Alissa Wilkinson

Solitude, Search, and Forgiveness in Paris, Texas: An Augustinian Turn
Jeff Sellars

Graphic Theology: Community, Imago Dei, and Temptation in 300
Megan J. Robinson

Making Dinner: The Artistry of Communal Meals in Babette’s Feast and Antonia’s Line
James H. Thrall

SECTION III From the Light, Into the Darkness: Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Apocalypse

The Parable of the Poltergeist: Making Righteous Use of the Element of Horror
Travis Prinzi

The Undiscovered Country: Star Trek and the Christian’s Human Journey
Kevin C. Neece

Theological Reflections and Philosophical Themes in the New DC Comic Films: Faith and Spirituality, Self- Identity, and Worldview through Comic Book Cartoon Movie Adaptations
Scott Shiffer

C. S. Lewis contra Cinema
Bruce L. Edwards

Fantasy, Escapism, and Narrative in Pan’s Labyrinth
Jeff Sellars

Apocalyptic Images and Prophetic Function in Zombie Films
Kim P


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