Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fan Mail

I still get some. Some stand out, especially if they involve talking about my books as gifts (either given to a beloved who's into zombies, or received from one) or connecting them to a larger project of education and self-discovery. The one I received yesterday had both elements and was a really touching story. I cleared it with the writer, who goes by the online name DEADERIS, to quote from it:

"The first zombie book I ever read was Dying to Live - it was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend our first year together. He has since bought every book in the series for me. I spent our first anniversary crying over The World is Dead. I credit you for my ravenous hunger for written zombie literature. If I hadn't read your book, I may not have gotten so hooked on the genre in the first place."
As I told her, that is the nicest email I've gotten this week, and it makes me feel good about what I do and the effect I have on people.


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