Monday, August 22, 2011

Back from World Con

Had a great time in Reno, delivering my paper to a good sized crowd (I'd say 35 or so). Very intelligent questions after.

While there, did a lot of good tourist stuff. I was there with a friend from high school, Bill Lebeda, whom I hadn't seen in a couple years (him living in CA and all).

The downtown casinos were kind of deserted (less so on Saturday night, but even then, pretty thinly attended).

The Harrah's Car Museum I thought was an amazing collection, at least through the 1950s. Well curated and presented.

While thinking what to do in Reno, I suddenly remembered (I have no idea where I first heard it) that the Bonnie and Clyde death car was somewhere nearby. So we drove out to Verdi, NV and saw it. I have to say - when you walk around from the passenger's side (which is where you probably first see it, since it's facing the main doors that way) and see the full scope of damage on the driver's side - that's a pretty jarring experience. I mean, that's overkill in a really concrete way.

Then it was off to Virginia City, NV, for their touristy stuff (museum and train ride) and some great shopping for Christmas gifts. (I hate always seeing the same generic stuff at the mall and love to bring home something unusual and save it for Christmas and/or birthdays.)

Came home to a great review of GOTLD at The Crawl Space. Thanks!


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