Monday, July 11, 2011

My Best Book, My Free Book

I really believe DYING TO LIVE: LAST RITES is the best thing I've written. At the least, it's my favorite. I cry every time I reread the ending. (And I don't mean sniffling - I mean sobbing uncontrollably.) I'm thrilled that most all the reviews I've seen agree (and even some of those that don't agree as to the overall quality, agree as to the emotional impact).

So here's some incentive, in this terrible economy, for you to experience this book. RJ sent me a really HUGE pile of this other really good book I helped write - THIN THEM OUT. (The cover is slightly different on this reprint edition, and it is NOT signed by RJ and Julia.) I mean a HUGE pile.

So, until the end of JULY, buy DYING TO LIVE: LAST RITES in any format, send me some kind of proof of purchase (to my email -, and I'll send you a copy of THIN THEM OUT.

It's that simple. It's not even a contest, just a freebie!


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