Saturday, July 09, 2011

Facebook vs Blogging

I realized I'd never stated my policy on Facebook vs blogging (a policy that's only evolved over the last couple years, so maybe that's why - it's not like I had a "mission statement" to begin with). My blog is for the whole universe. I have no way to control who sees it. So in a way, it's kind of bland, and I've made a concerted effort in the last couple years to make it pretty much 100% self-promotion. It's what it's there for - to pimp my stuff, to be blunt. I don't announce much personal here at all.

If you're my "friend" on Facebook - well, I know we're not really "friends" in any deep sense (though some of my real friends are on Facebook), but I assume one or the other of us has sought out the relationship at some point, and I assume a greater conncetion, and therefore I post a lot of personal stuff. Nothing too personal, and probably nothing too interesting, but I'll post what I'm cooking, what I got at the Farmer's market, what music I'm listening to, or what I read in the NYTimes that morning. That final point brings us to one thorny issue: I think if you follow my blog for the last couple years (after I got careful about what I post), you have no idea what I'm like personally or politically. If I reveal any of my habits or opinions (as I do on Facebook) it becomes pretty clear pretty quick that I'm an inveterate Lefty. I never go on someone else's FB page and pick a fight - I don't even leave a comment. The handful of conservative "friends" I have on there can post anything they like and they'll never hear a peep from me. But I will post a few left wing rants on my FB page. Not many, but sometimes.

But anyway, the other thing you've missed if you don't follow me on Facebook (except I see one mention on here): I've been fascinated by Lady Gaga for a few months now. So let me leave you with a couple links for your edification and introduction to the Gaga World:

The PAINKILLER / JUDAS mashup. This is more tribute than parody and I love it, since I love both songs.

The EDGE OF GLORY video. Gaga looks far more normal in this video (yes, Xena-like dominatrix outfit is "more normal" for her) and it's kind of fun, though a very tame video compared to her others. It looks like she's smiling and enjoying herself (in that self-conscious way that famous people can ever seem "comfortable" and "just being themselves").


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