Monday, September 05, 2011

Back from HorrorFind

And another year for good attendance at the con! Sold a lot of books - some to new fans, who bought the first D2L, and a lot to returning fans, who picked up D2L2 or D2L3. Thanks to you all!

Thanks to Brian Keene for organizing the author activities.

I hung out with the newly returned Kyle Johnson and Doug Warrick - welcome back!

We can now file "Gettysburg" (along with "Reno" from my last trip) in the file of "Unexpected Places to Have Excellent SE Asian Food." Reno had lots of Vietnamese restaurants and the one we tried was great; Gettysburg only had one Thai restaurant downtown, but it was the best Thai I've had in a long time.

Tony Tribby of Dead Bat Designs was also there. We went to middle school together way back at Seneca Ridge.


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