Saturday, January 02, 2010

D2L3 Contest

Okay, I was smoothing over some of the literary references in D2L3 and thought of how to do an easy contest. Below are five quotations from D2L3. All are paraphrases of New Testament verses (four from the Gospels, one from a letter of Paul). Email your answers to kimpaffenroth at msn dot com. The first THREE people to get all of them right will be able to choose:

a copy of THIN THEM OUT, the great chapbook written by Julia and RJ Sevin (and me)
Shroud Magazine #5, with my story "Buddha in the Box"

Good luck! Thanks for all your support! (All the books are in my office at work, BTW, so I won't mail out prizes for a few days, so don't be alarmed.)

The quotations:

1) Love is never selfish

2) The weak shall rule the earth

3) Drink it. It’s not bloody

4) Everything else had been accomplished

5) (final words) "Finished"

FIRST WINNER (1:30pm, 01/03/10): Danny Evarts, who even gave a better verse for one than the one I had in mind when I wrote it, which is extra cool!

SECOND WINNER (4:20pm, 01/03/10): Jeffrey Nicholas!

THIRD AND FINAL WINNER (11:30pm, 01/05/10): B. K. Lusk!

Thanks all!


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