Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Wrap Up!

In some ways, kind of a holding pattern.

Finished VALLEY OF THE DEAD, which was published as a limited edition to some positive reviews, but waiting on reaching a bigger audience next year with the regular TPB.

Published THE WORLD IS DEAD, again to mostly positive reviews.

Finished writing my first non-zombie novel, CLOSES AT DUSK. Still shopping it.

10 pages to go on the third installment in the DYING TO LIVE saga. Pretty psyched about that.

Got the contract for editing THE PRISONER AND PHILOSOPHY and psyched about that.

Signed the contract for the Pocket Books edition of DYING TO LIVE.

The German edition of the first DYING TO LIVE was postponed until early 2010.

The reprint of ORPHEUS AND THE PEARL will be published next year by Belfire Press.

Was queried by two production companies about film rights, but it didn't get past, "Are the film rights available?" - "Yes." - "Okay, we'll be in touch."

Finished AUGUSTINE AND PHILOSOPHY which will be out next year.

Saw a bunch of great concerts - AC/DC being the best.

Went to a bunch of great cons - I'd say FANEXPO was the best for that.

I already have tenure, and it's not my turn to chair the department, so not much new happening at the day job.

So, waiting on the big break coming, but steady as she goes, as a bunch of projects work their way through the pipeline to publication next year!


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