Saturday, December 19, 2009

Zombie Eucharist

You'll notice the use of this imagery in this horrible scene, which is coming up soon in D2L3:

"Lucy drew out her hand, clutching a stringy piece of flesh between her thumb and two fingers. It was tough, sinewy. She rolled it between her fingers till it was a knotty lump, which she placed on the palm of her other hand as she considered it a moment. This was hell, when even pleasure was revolting.
"Lucy chewed the piece, the flood of energy from it so fleeting compared to the slowly building, diseased simmer it started in her belly. This simultaneously burned and froze her guts, as it compacted and wrenched her soul. As she swallowed, Lucy leaned her head back and looked at one bright star above her. She focused all her mind on that bright spot as she let out a howl that others – living or dead – might mistake for the climax of desire, but which was filled only with her despair at her forsakenness."

Also Dantean, if Hell = pleasure seen for how disgusting it really is. Also (to tip the hand a bit) - the crucifixion, with the mention of "forsaken."

ZOMG - changed the wording to get the wordplay with "revolting"!


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