Sunday, December 13, 2009

Strange World

I heard earlier today that someone I met once, Z. A. Recht, had died. He seemed nice. Very nice. I blogged about it. So did lots of other people who'd met him once. Some went overboard (to my taste).

By now most of us have blogged about other things. We've moved on.

Are we cold and heartless? Or emotionally empty or shallow? Maybe. But even just a few years ago, we never would've met so many people as we have today. We wouldn't have felt anything for someone who died a thousand miles away, because we wouldn't have known about it. Even a hundred years ago, we probably wouldn't have heard of someone who died 10 miles away.

So are we heartless, or just exposed to way more people than we can possibly express real remorse for? So I'll try to say it again, and maybe if I'm really diligent in the days to come I'll say it a few more times: Zach, I wish I'd known you better.

What a strange world. Good night, and I hope I can interact with you tomorrow, so we can hash this (and other things) out better.


Blogger Jodi Lee (Morrighan) said...

When I saw JL Bourne's note on twitter, I felt my heart skip a beat. He was far too young and too talented to make that journey. It must be incredibly hard on his family and folks that knew him.

Such a sad day. :(

5:35 AM  

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