Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Health Care Reform?

No, let the Free Market do it all! It's magic! Good magic! (Claims fellow Harvard person!)

Now, with all due respect, her argument seems to boil down to this: Brits have bad acne and bad teeth, so we better not go that way. (The references to cancer are noticeably vague, making no specific reference to rates or what countries to which she's comparing Britain.)

Well, let's turn that around. If the grand free market provides us with the most effective acne medicine humankind has ever known, and sparkly white teeth, and never-ending, adamantine-hard boners - well, that's all nice, of course, and we pay for all those things over the counter, as insurance wouldn't cover any of those things under any circumstances. So yes, the free market can provide expensive, cutting-edge cures to non-lethal conditions. Is that our priority, as a society? Is that all we really want to be known for - Pepsi, Viagra, and Twinkies? And I'm really quite sure that the pharmaceuticals will go right on making all their expensive stuff, even while basic care is paid for (partly) by a government program.


Blogger LouiseBohmer said...

Well said, Kim.

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