Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bangkok Thai and Zitoune Moroccan Restaurants

Great restaurants, both of them - Bangkok and Zitoune. Both very reasonable and incredible food and service. Zitoune a little fancier.

I'm starting to think they need to exclude some of their other customers, however. Bangkok had the brattiest kid in the universe climbing over the tables to annoy me. Same damn kid in there - TWICE! A few months ago, Zitoune had a couple sitting next to me where the dude was loudly - and ENDLESSLY - trying to get pity sex from the gal (not actually in the restaurant, but he was too obviously trying to set the stage for later and it was pathetic). And then last week, the cast of Golden Girls was at the table next to mine, gabbing about their sex lives. Sorry, Bea Arthur, TMI!


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