Monday, December 21, 2009

New Edited Volume

No, no zombies this time! Check it out!

Call for Chapters for The Prisoner & Philosophy: It Takes a Village (Open Court)
Ed. Jason Lee and Kim Paffenroth

This edited collection examines the new series of The Prisoner (2009) and the original. Both instantiations of the story raise important philosophical issues, and act as touchstones in current debates. We therefore seek work from scholars who work in many fields, including, but not exclusively, Philosophy, English, Theology, Political Science, Psychology, and Film and Television Studies. Rachel Ray writing in The Telegraph claims the new series is better than the original, and asks the fundamental question “Are you part of the solution, or the problem?” Regardless of the relative merits or values of the two versions, the new one is clearly working on building a “thicker” mythos, as well as most likely reaching a much larger audience. Comparison between old and new will therefore be especially relevant.

Send your 250 word abstract and 50 word bio-note to both editors:
Jason Lee
Kim Paffenroth

Due date MARCH 1, 2010 for proposals.

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