Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Review in Monster Librarian

A nice one!

In the sequel to Dying to Live, we are thrust forward twelve years. The community confined to the museum in the last book has ventured forth and reclaimed much of the surrounding city thanks to the help of Milton, who continues his mission of collecting the dead and keeping them in various compounds so that they cannot hurt the living. Dying to Live: Life Sentence has two plotlines. The first follows a girl, Zoey as she comes of age. The other plot thread follows Truman, a recent zombie who is slowly piecing together what he is and who he was in the past. Much zombie literature is fairly focused just on the action, and Paffenroth does supply action, but he also provides a thoughtful look of how society might develop after an apocalyptic zombie plague. It is this thoughtful examination that makes the book enjoyable. Character development is key in Paffenroth's book, and he does a fine job of fleshing out Truman and Zoey. For those who like zombies but might be suffering from "zombie fatigue", Dying to Live: Life Sentence is a breath of fresh air. Paffenroth leaves the door open for a third book, so we may see more of his post apocalyptic world. Recommended for libraries, zombie fans, and those looking for a thoughtful take on a post apocalyptic zombie world.


Blogger Trevor said...

A) Monster Librarian is one of the best horror readers' advisory tools out there...and one of my healthy addictions. I want to know these people and hope that one day I could write reviews for them. So cool.

B) I hope Santa loves me and delivers a DTL2 book under my tree. If I was already excited to read it, this review is making me drool. Thanks, Dr. P.

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