Friday, December 05, 2008

Kim is UnAmerican!

I think one of my good pals at Shocklines whose name rhymes with "label" called me that once, but despite that perception, I really do get all warm and fuzzy and proud about this country pretty frequently. Election night was one time. And when I see the diversity of this country, especially in previously hard-core white-bread neighborhoods, I feel pretty proud and optimistic, at how this country attracts people from so many places - but more particularly, at how it then accepts and even fosters their various cultures and doesn't force them to assimilate completely. So today I was in the town where my grandparents lived. When I was growing up, you would never have seen anyone there but white, Protestants of northern European descent. Today I pulled into a little shopping center there and side by side there was

Franicco's Pizza and Italian Restaurant
Li Fun's Chinese Restaurant
Jean Claude's French Bakery and Pastry Shop
Old World Bagels and Deli

(Tokyo Plum sushi was a half block down Main Street.)

Now, that's pretty nice, I think. Tasty, too.


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