Monday, December 29, 2008

Christian Horror?

This gentleman does not approve:

However, I find it very heartening that there are enough such attempts at "Christian horror" that he would feel the need to criticize or decry it.


Blogger Michael Bridgman said...

Well, that was an extremely lame case of ranting while barely knowing what you're talking about. I think in terms of entertainment, a lot of Christians tend to side with Plato's view that the tragedies (i.e. any dark or sad story) are always harmful, and thus should be avoided, or even banned. What these Christians fail to realize, however, is Aristotle's counter-thesis of catharsis, whereby in the tragic the dark elements of life are confronted and released, which ultimately results in them returning to "a normal condition as if they had been medically treated and undergone a purge [catharsis]...All experience a certain purge [catharsis] and pleasant relief. In the same manner cathartic melodies give innocent joy to men". While I'm not terribly concerned about what Christian directors have been putting out (it's not somethings I'm involved with), perhaps I should write a rebuttal to this article for its unfair denigration of horror roots.

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