Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Broken Oil Pan?

How, pray tell, do you make the oil pan in a car so fuckin' shoddily that it breaks? It has ONE FUCKIN', MOVING FUCKING PART! And that part only moves 4 or 5 times/year! The car has had the oil changed maybe 25 times - how can the threads be stripped after screwing and unscrewing something just 25 times??!!

But there you have it. Threads stripped, barely got the drain plug in so that I could drive it home, and now it needs a new oil pan, lest we have this problem at every oil change. And a new oil pan? A part that is just a dumb piece of metal, nothing mechanical or electrical or electronic? How much is that? How much did you say? FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY FUCKIN' DOLLARS??!!

I used to have a 1980 Toyota. Most things on it could be fixed with duct tape and wire. If not that, then it could be driven around, smoke billowing out, no heat, no wipers, bald tires, no brakes, but you could still drive it in a pinch. I probably delivered several hundred pizzas in that car in that condition. Not anymore. Anything goes wrong with the 20k dollar car, it's 500 dollars and there's no way to drive the fuckin' fucker w/o the repair.

EDIT/UPDATE: Slight consolation: I'm waiting for them to put the overpriced oil pan on, and they call my cellphone, and say they've found a bunch of suspension work THAT'S STILL UNDER WARRANTY! But it'll take all day, so they send me home with a rental car, and I'll have a bunch of work done for "free" (not really "free" since I paid for the extended warranty when I bought the car four years ago, but at least I feel good about it).


Blogger Johnpnj said...

That is funny, but not funny at the same time, because I know EXACTLY how you feel. It's highway-damn-robbery what they charge for things like an oil-pan. $450??? They are insane!
My oil pan hasn't gone (yet), but I've had my share of simple, yet expensive endeavors on my1994 Ford Taurus.
Best of luck to you with that damn pan.

12:00 PM  

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