Friday, July 25, 2008

Cerberus - Improved!

Cerberus makes a very brief appearance in Dante's Inferno, but just to show that the sinners around him/it are bestial (like he/it is), and to show that Virgil can easily overcome this obstacle (he throws mud at the monster and they walk by it w/o a fight).

But, in my version, they have a much more involved interaction with the Cerberus analog, so it's not just compared to the sinners, but also contrasted with them - the big, mean animal isn't as gross and bestial as the people around it. And the Beatrice character is more responsible for neutralizing the beast (the Virgil character can state why they're able to neutralize it, but she does so), since (for me) it is not just an overcoming or conquering of animal nature, but a right appreciation and respect for it, which is represented by my much more carnal version of Beatrice. (Her interaction with the Francesca character is heartbreaking, IMHO.)

Neat! Dante and I are going to have some Pinot Grigio and scungilli tonight in celebration of this improvement!


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