Saturday, July 26, 2008

Action Scenes

I hate writing them! I have to spend so much time blocking them in my mind, so they'll make sense from a tactical, physical point of view, and I just don't find them all that exciting (in my work or other people's). I can spend 500 words describing how someone feels about it being a dark, rainy day, and when I get done with it, I feel refreshed and I think I have something really beautiful down on paper. But a similarly lengthed fight scene just drains me, because I have to think about it too much, and the payoff to me isn't that great. (It's probably further complicated by the fact that I have to reverse everything, since I'm left handed.) Well, I guess a great zombie novel needs lots of both!

And this one even ran to a rather longish 2100 words. I worked right through naptime! Well, since I slaved so hard on a scene that's so difficult for me to write, Dante promised me some hot wings and beer! Isn't that nice of him? That's why I'm writing this book about him - he's just such a sweetie!


Blogger Gestalt said...

Write about left handed hero. The left hand metaphor lines up nicely with the anti-hero archetype. Playing up the soft paw characteristic could provide some nice tension in an otherwise dull action scene. My whole family is left handed but me. When I was taught to shoot a gun I did so left handed. I tried the other way but couldn't adjust my eyes correctly. When I was in the Army, I still shot left handed but would throw a grenade with my right. This always made the D.I.'s cringe, but I saw it as a bonus. Just a thought.

1:35 PM  
Blogger KPaffenroth said...

Ha, you anticipate the hero of my sequel to Dying to Live - she's left handed. It almost became harder to write, as I'd gotten used to reversing everything, but for her I could write it "normal"!

And, well, if you can write from a lady's perspective, I guess writing from the perspective of those sinister right handers shouldn't be too hard!

9:25 PM  

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