Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mo*Con - The Sequel

I think I have Maurice's promo for Mo*Con IV:

- Will the Mo*Conners be able to flee back to their godless, heathen Blue states, escaping the rising deluge sent by a loving God against the God-fearing Red states of the midwest?

- Can Philben make a comeback (get it? nudge-wink) and use his big balls (get it? nudge-wink) to overcome (get it? nudge-wink) and rise (get it? nudge-wink) to get on top of (get it? nudge-wink) the Nitwit Bowling League?

- Will Brother Doug and Dr. K-Paff be able to cast out the terrible demon Resiewdub, who has taken over poor Kyle's body? They will need to make a quest for the world's largest stick of incense, the sacred mana of Le Chateau Blanc, and the lost manuscript of The Dragoning!

- Can Paul Puglisi make a rock so big Mamatas can't lift it?


- Will the Sinister Minister recover in time for Sunday's sermon? Or at least for next Easter?

All these questions and more will be answered, in MO*CON IV - THE RECKONING!!


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