Thursday, June 05, 2008

Evening Constitutional ("Walk" for you Young'uns)

Just took mine. It's a good way to step back and think over what one's written, and let some ideas form for the next chapter. It's also a great time to daydream about how incredibly HUGE the current project could become, and man can it snowball quickly! In about ten minutes, I went through

"Boy, it could go on to be a film! It'd be the first real attempt at an adaptation of Dante!" (And I love Dante, and that'd be cool!)


"And George Romero would direct it!"


"No, wait! George Romero and Zach Snyder would put aside their differences and co-direct it!!"


"And then there'd be a comic book adaptation!"


"And Allan Moore would come out of hiding to write it with Frank Miller!" (And Miller would realize what a POS 300 was and he'd apologize to me and promise to let me destroy all copies of it on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas on MTV, using a flame thrower and a steam roller.)

And at that point, you just have to stop, 'cause it's just getting way out of control.


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