Sunday, March 23, 2008


Just got back, before another trip to the World Horror Convention! Made a brief visit to the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, where we had a fine discussion of vampires and zombies, after a lunch of surprisingly nasty pasta and amazingly good tiramisu. (At a Marriott, I would've guessed they'd be the other way around.)

Disney was the one corporate entity my father hated more than Ford automobiles, and I just can't get behind the animosity. (Flaming anti-Semite that Henry Ford was, I can certainly loathe his ideas, but I also don't see why that necessarily should spill over on to the present product that bears his name, unless the company were continuing his traditions. And even my father, it should be noted, had to make an exception for the Mustang [what male who's seen Bullitt could not?].) There were plenty of eye rolling moments for me when I looked around the Disney Pop Century Resort and saw how they had somehow constructed a "celebration" of the 20th century w/o mentioning or alluding to anything bad. The 60s, w/o any mention of drugs or race? The 70s, w/o any mention of Vietnam or Watergate? Every decade, w/o any mention of s-e-x? Apparently all we did for 20 years was wear funny clothes and go to the moon.

BUT, let's be fair - why exactly would I *want* to stay at a hotel w/ pictures of My Lai or the Zapruder film or the Manson family? A vacation is fantasy. And at building a very satisfying fantasy, Disney and his corporation are very skilled.


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