Sunday, March 16, 2008

Between Cons!!

Only briefly! Just got back from LunaCon. High points:

Got an invite to the Arisia con from Jeff Warner, one of their organizers.

Met a charming fellow-academic and Christian from Nyack College. Always nice not to have to answer the "You're a Christian? And you watch zombie movies?!" question.

Had a great zombie panel with Jonathan Maberry and others.

Had lots of my promo materials snatched up from the freebies table.

Signed an ARC of Dying to Live, one of only a handful in existence. (I don't have one, since authors now usually work from PDF files for the final proofread.)

But only back here for a day and a half, and it's off to ICFA. Wish me luck!


Blogger Steve said...

good blog man! i enjoy reading about your life. I am too a big big fan of cheesey horror/slasher/zombie movies. check out my stuff if you get a chance! good luck

5:54 PM  

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