Thursday, December 13, 2007

Strangest Cover Art Story Evah!!!

I have a novelette coming out as its own little chapbook next spring. I won't say more, since the publisher hasn't announced it yet. But let me tell you about the evolution of the cover art, because it's the wildest email exchange I've had in a while!

The publisher sent me a first draft of the cover. I didn't like it. I asked my friend Bill (a world famous artist) what to do with it. He had specific suggestions that he sent back. The publisher was very accomodating, but mentioned that the artist only speaks Italian. So I thought of a friend who's fluent in Italian. Now I'll take Bill's comments, have Paul translate them, send them to the publisher to forward to the Italian artist, and see what pops out! That's a tangled web. I think it'll be great though!


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