Sunday, December 02, 2007

Finally - the Truth

Let it be known: I have been saying since she announced her candidacy that Hillary is unelectable. Now finally someone finally admits it. This from Frank Rich in today's NYTimes:

"The unspoken truth is that the Clinton machine is not being battle-tested at all by the Democratic primary process. ... neither Mr. Edwards nor any other Democratic competitor will ever hit her with the real, personal mud being stockpiled by the right. But if she’s getting a bye now, she will not from the Republican standard-bearer, whoever he may be. Clinton-bashing is the last shared article of faith (and last area of indisputable G.O.P. competence) that could yet unite the fractured and dispirited conservative electorate. The Republicans know this and are so psychologically invested in refighting the Clinton wars that they’re giddy."


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