Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Year Resolutions

A little early! I was listening to music this evening, and I decided "You've Got Another Thing Coming," for too long we've gone our "Separate Ways," and now it's time to have "One Vision."

Seriously, things are out of whack. They need to change. I need to make a little more progress in my life before I die or become useless.

So without further ado, here are my 2008 resolutions (which are more like a list of little changes and huge ass goals):

LISTEN TO HEAVY METAL MUSIC EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'd think about 3 hours/day oughta be right. I don't know how I got out of the habit, but it's bringing me down. There's no excuse. I can do other things while I'm listening - wash dishes, pay the bills, answer email, maybe even write some fiction. But whether I'm typing or scrubbing, the house is gonna be rockin'. (I just bought a fairly expensive Sony receiver, so this makes all the more sense.)

GROW MY HAIR LONG AS IT WILL GO. To be honest, I actually never liked how my hair looked long - it gets all shaggy and wavy and gross past my shoulders. But I'm on sabbatical next year, so what the hell, let's try it! Most men my age don't even have hair, and mine's all over the place, so let's let it go!

GET AN AGENT AND A CONTRACT WITH A BIG PUBLISHING FIRM. Okay, this is one I can make efforts towards, but it's not as much in my control as the first two. But it's gonna happen. In the next year I'll have a mass market paper back. Not out, surely, but in the pipeline.

SHIFT MY PARADIGM. My good friend Bill keyed me into this. He's a graphic artist who's now tried (once) being a film director. So he usually introduces himself as, "Hi, I'm a graphic artist. I direct, too." But sometimes he tries something different, like, "Hi, I'm a film director." Just to see how it fits, how it feels. And maybe it feels good. Like you wanna wear it some more. Maybe from other people, when they say, "Oh, I want you to meet my friend Bill. He's a director." It doesn't have to mean you've switched completely, but it does the old brain and ego some good, like a little massage or jolt. Right now I introduce myself as "Hi, I'm a theology professor. And I write zombie novels." In one year's time, I'll be introducing myself as, "I'm a horror novelist. And I teach theology classes." Yeah.


Anonymous David Montoya said...

Those are some good resolutions.

The agent and big publishing firm...that's something I think you can definitely accomplish in the next couple years. You have the talent and the drive.

12:27 PM  
Blogger KPaffenroth said...

Aw, Dave's like the wind beneath my wings! Let's see what happens!!

11:20 PM  

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