Friday, December 14, 2007

Orpheus and the Pearl

After my post the other day about cover art, I see the publisher, Magus Press, has in fact announced that I'm on the upcoming list for 2008, so now I can announce it! Magus Press ( will be publishing my novelette, "Orpheus and the Pearl." It will be a standalone little chapbook, bound together with a more gruesome tale by Derek Clendening. (A little yin-yang to the pairing!) Mine is a very non-traditional zombie story, and one of love and forgiveness. I don't want to give away much more, so I had to pick an excerpt carefully. Here is where our heroine (in fairly typical Gothic fashion) finds out that something's afoot in the mansion.

"Catherine was understandably exhausted, but she was too restless to sleep, so she drew all the curtains and settled herself in the sitting room, reading one of the books there. The selection in this room was somewhat unexpected in a medical doctor’s home, as it seemed to be all literature, so she picked a copy of Jane Eyre, a story she remembered loving as a girl. After a while, when it must’ve been quite late, she heard voices in the main house, then a door opening. She heard scratching on the outside door to the west wing, and what sounded like the doctor’s voice saying, 'No, dear, not there, no. Come away to bed. You’re tired. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.' The scratching continued, then there was some unidentifiable growling, and finally Catherine jumped and sat bolt upright at the sound of a very high, loud, and sustained shriek. There was the sound of scuffling, more growling, and the door to the main house slamming shut. Then Catherine was left sitting there for several minutes that seemed so very much longer – eyes wide, heart pounding, breathing through her nose in short and silent huffs, her fingers gripping the arms of the chair as tightly as she could, until she darted to her bedroom and locked the door. "

Many thanks for David of Magus Press for taking a chance on this unusual little tale. Look for it soon, hopefully by February 2008!


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