Friday, December 28, 2007

The London Times!!

Okay, the "trying to communicate with the cover artist who doesn't speak English via translations from a former colleague" has now been way topped in oddity.

Yesyerday my blog hits soared. Then late last night, a friend pointed out that my blog comments on Bhutto's death had been picked up by the London Times online version as a quick article they slapped together on "The Blogosphere Reacts to Bhutto Assassination." That is some wild web of connections, from some crazed religious nut with a bomb in Pakistan, all the way to my virtual doorstep. A scientist-friend told me it's called "Unpredictable emergent properties." So now if someone in Hollywood was reading the online London Times yesterday, options my book for film, I make a ton of money, quit my job at Iona, and someone interviews me and asks me where my success comes from, I can say, "Because Benazir Bhutto was assassinated." I believe very strongly that she's somewhere - sipping tea with Martin and Mohandas - where she can enjoy the oddity of that even more than I can.


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