Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter Movie

Very good indeed. Maybe my favorite one so far, though I didn't see Prisoner of Azkaban, and I only started reading the books with Half-Blood Prince. But the plots, at least as they come out in the movies, need a little complicating:

1) a comic villain causes mischief at Hogwarts
2) Dumbledore (though seemingly omnipotent) does not stop said mischief (we find out later, in order to draw out He Who Shall Not Be Named)
3) the comic villain is easily disposed of
4) He Who Shall Not Be Named finally appears and has a fight with Harry for some Object of Great Power
5) Someone other than Harry dies in the fight
6) Harry wins, because Love Is Strong

It's a lovely message, but times six it's getting a little too pat. And the cast is getting too big: Draco doesn't even have any lines this time out, Hagrid shows up just long enough to provide a Plot Device, Luna and Neville just moon about, and there's even a girl who stands next to Neville in every shot who isn't (so far as I could tell) identified.

BUT - don't take all this quibbling too far. Compared to typical Hollywood crap, it's gold, and the Comic Villain is the best one ever! A cross between June Cleaver and Nurse Ratchet - it was inspired!


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