Thursday, May 10, 2007

This Guy REALLY Likes D2L!

So much that I'm blushing!


But a moment of modesty. I think D2L is a solid piece, but it's a simple, straightforward story. It's episodic before the final sequence comes into view, and then it unwinds pretty quickly. You could summarize the whole plot in one sentence. Descriptions of scenes and setting - sometimes a little flat, I think. So plot and description I have to work on. I know that.

BUT... okay, you want me to say what I did work on and what I think I did succeed at? Did I work on dialogue and some of the images till they were crystalline perfection - sharp, cold, cutting, heartbreakingly beautiful - like an Arkansas Black Diamond? (I don't know if there is such a thing, but it sounds cool.) You bet. I was here at the computer late at night working on some things over and over. Dialogue and symbolism appeal to me, and I often think other authors do dialogue poorly, so I wrote and rewrote those parts endlessly. I showed them to some of my academic colleauges in English and worked their comments in. People in D2L sound like they do in real life, on those occasions when they're thinking about every word. Thoughtful, careful, but realistic. And the imagery and symbolism? THAT scene sticks out as one where the imagery is particularly dense, but there are plenty of scenes that stick with you and make you pause with a chill or a sigh.

Okay. So I do some things well, and I'm working on the rest. That's all an author can do. Try to be better.


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