Friday, June 01, 2007

Hope for the Future of America

Clearly, if - like the fine lads of Class-B - America's youth had such good literary taste (never mind willingly reading unassigned books on their own!), as well as the ability to articulate what's good or not-so-good about what they read, then the future of our country would be bright:

That's what no child left behind should be about, never mind some stinkin' standardized test! Look at them: they don't just say "Wow, great!" they can say why some characters are more compelling than others. That's some subtlety my college freshmen would do well to emulate.

And I'd never thought of it before, but these instantaneous reviews are really helpful to an author. I now am picking up on what people want in the sequel: more Milton, not such uniformly bad villains, but still plenty of splatter, and lots of that pure, zombie goodness. Check.


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