Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Digging out from under the undead mountain of zombie story submissions that I let pile up while I was reading exams and papers. And they've been coming in at some wicked clip: today they got up to one every two hours (!!). And let me say the conclusion that's been dawning on me slowly in this process: in general (ahem, there are notable exceptions, as I myself would like to be), women write so much better than men. It's like our brains, even when producing a good intuition or insight, just can't follow through. We get distracted. We don't follow through on stuff in the story. We leave loose ends. I remember reading years ago a theory from an evolutionary biologist that tried to explain that men had evolved better visual acuity, because we were out hunting mastodons and what not 10,000 years ago, while women developed better fine motor skills and attention to detail and close-up vision, because they were weaving baskets and picking nuts and berries back then. It seems plausible, when you read so many stories by men that have some good "big picture" idea, but lose it on the details, while women generally produce these very finely-wrought, precise, elegant pieces. Well, back to reading!


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