Sunday, May 27, 2007

GREAT review in Dark Realms magazine!

From Dark Realms magazine (Spring 2007), belated but much appreciated review of GOTLD:

Just when you thought there was nothing left to write about the groundbreaking zombie films of George Romero, along comes Gospel of the Living Dead. It quickly becomes evident that the author Kim Paffenroth has a true love of the films of Romero as he thoroughly analyzes each of the films and even some of the spin-off's and remakes. Prior to George Romero's 1971 landmark film Night of the Living Dead, zombies were primarily associated with voodoo rituals and witch doctors. Romero created a new genre of urban horror, inspiring the revolution that followed. Paffenroth looks at these films from a religious, socio-political and emotional perspective. Referencing racism, sexism and other pertinent social commentaries, this book makes you look at Romero films, and horror films in general, in a whole new light. His parallels to Dante's Inferno amongst other classic tomes, creates a very unique view point that conveys subtle moral undertones. Gospel of the Living Dead is not only a must-have for the hardcore Romero and Zombie movie fan, but it is also a well-researched and intelligent analysis that will give them food for thought.

Thanks, "Buzz" (the reviewer's only identity as listed in the mag)!


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