Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another Great Review for GOTLD!

This one on Amazon! I especially like how he puts to rest the canard that "Oh that Paffenroth, he forces his Christian perspective on the poor reader!" That accusation has really irked me, as I try so hard in my writing and teaching not to impose my views on others, but to engage in a dialogue.

Reviewer: Sean Hoade (Tuscaloosa, AL United States) - See all my reviews

Gospel of the Living Dead takes a sharp look at Romero's four zombie films and the 2004 "re-imagining" of Dawn of the Dead, and shows the reader how the impossible and oxymoronic threat of the living dead can shine a light on how we do live and how we might better live. There is interesting theology in the book, but you can read it without worrying you will be bludgeoned with Christian didacticism. The Christian viewpoint is there -- fascinatingly illustrated with ideas from Dante and Milton -- but so is a humanistic viewpoint. Either one by itself would be interesting, but together they make for an unforgettable intellectual experience.


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