Monday, March 26, 2007

NYTimes Article on Horror

Trying to put some limits on advertising:

As a parent and an author, I'm definitely of two minds. No, make that three. No - four. (Already sounds like the premise for a horror story.)

1) I of course want my kids shielded from graphic or disturbing images.

2) I've already determined that that is hopeless. My 12-year-old sees stuff on TV at his friends' houses that I have no control over all the time.

3) I don't want the genre to be limited, or the artists' ability to produce commercially viable stuff threatened by some pollyannas.

4) But do I really want my work associated with, let alone equated with, stuff that's just imitation snuff-films? Is it really limiting people to say - not that they can't film scenes of rape, mutilation, or torture - but just that they can't ADVERTISE them EVERYWHERE? That seems a pretty basic control.


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