Saturday, April 07, 2007

Amazon Numbers

For those of you who frequent Amazon, I'm sure you've noticed their "Sales Rank" number for each book. My non-fiction works usually stay around 30,000th for a month after their released.

D2L has been between 3,000th and 8,000th for two weeks! And this morning? It was at 2,195th!!! I know it's just a couple hundred books, but it still looks pretty cool.


Blogger Mike C said...

That's good to hear.

From what I understand, getting into the top 5k is a pretty impressive happening for most writters.

I bought a copy about 5 days ago from amazon ane will start reading it tonight. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll have a review of it posted.

3:21 PM  
Blogger KPaffenroth said...

I assume it all has to do with where (besides Amazon) the book is sold. My non-fiction books could count on some sales at Christian bookstores and university bookstores. With this, I assume Amazon and a couple other online stores are going to account for all the sales, so the numbers have to be good if we're going to sell any. Thanks for your support and your review, if you get a chance to write one.

8:06 PM  

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