Friday, January 26, 2007

StarShip Troopers Soundtrack Came in the Mail Today

Threw it in the front seat of the PT Cruiser. I'm hoping I'm not too busy with other things that I can't reach the CD when the zombies rise, because I'd really like it playing as I run over walking corpses from hell. I mean, the situation is going to have so much going against it (never mind the structural damage to the car - how the heck are the windshield wipers going to be able to handle all that gore, and I sure as hell can't reach outside to clear it?), there might as well be some fun to it, and there's nothing like a good soundtrack. I guess I should burn a whole CD for the event, with the Flight of the Valkyrie from Apocalypse Now. The William Tell Overture. Maybe the Benny Hill theme, to lighten it up. Oh - and the Queen song that's playing as Flash Gordon flies into Ming's palace. Music from Terminator, definitely. The electronic gobbledy-gook from the end of Escape from New York, as they're running across the bridge. OH - wait - the music from The Magnificent Seven. Okay, I'm getting too worked up. I'm halfway to going to the Dodge dealership and buying something big that could really do some corpse-crushing damage. I better calm down and watch a Law & Order repeat before I get in trouble.


Blogger food4thoth said...

Did you see the second one? I have it in my Netflix queue. Wondered if it was worth it. I liked the first one.

11:58 PM  
Blogger KPaffenroth said...

A direct-to-video work that has none of the original cast or crew? I'd watch it if it were on Sci-Fi Channel, but otherwise, I think not.

8:23 AM  

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