Saturday, June 16, 2012

For All Your Augustine Needs

Seeing as, I'm sure, you have so many! One stop shopping!

I'm really close to being done with the final edits on AUGUSTINE AND PSYCHOLOGY and AUGUSTINE AND SCIENCE. These have taken a lot of work, but they're nearly done, and as usual, at this point in the process, I can say they've got some great essays in them with fresh insights, and if Augustine's your thing - you're gonna love them!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Lower Price on eBooks!

Just wanted to let you all know Permuted has dropped the eBook price on several titles to $5.99. This should go into effect on Kindle and Nook within the next 24 hours. The titles with prices dropped are:

Mad Swine
Plaguesville, USA
Down the Road: The Fall of Austin
The Last Mailman
The Seven Habits of Highly Infective People
Resurrection: Eden 3

Please spread the word!

New Essay Collection - Theology and Film

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Work, Editing!

When I posted my writing update, clearly I was thinking too narrowly! A lot of my work is on editing of various sorts! For fiction editing, look at my zombie anthologies HISTORY IS DEAD and THE WORLD IS DEAD. Really happy with how both turned out, and especially proud of the first - really original works, many by first time authors.

But, for the last couple years, I've spent a lot of time editing work on
St. Augustine. I'm the book review editor over at the super snazzy, flagship journal (and what not) AUGUSTINIAN STUDIES. We now publish more than 40 reviews a year! And two essays collections on him are now coming together - AUGUSTINE AND SCIENCE to be published by Lexington Books. Got some great essays - Augustine knew the world was flat! (So did lots of people, but it's been debated in his case!) He had this idea that life forms may have changed over time, so they when they were first created, they weren't exactly the same as they are today! (Yes, not a full blown theory of evolution, but way ahead of some fundies today with their insistence on fixity of species.) And AUGUSTINE AND PSYCHOLOGY also from Lexington Books. Of course the "standard" issues of Confessions are addressed, but also current applications of Augustine's idea of how our minds and spirits might work.

Also, since I posted about swag, things are restarting over at GOLEM: JOURNAL OF RELIGION AND MONSTERS. That'll take some time, to solicit manuscripts, edit them, and put a new issue together, but stayed tuned! (Got to produce something, now that we have swag!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Swag just makes an endeavor - a journal, a conference, whatever - more "REAL"!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Work, Synopses

Since I was stalled for a bit, I haven't posted on the WIP (Work in Progress) for some time. There are two, really. I will give you the "cocktail party" synopsis of each!

The non-fiction work is my thoughts on "Why Christians can chill out and just enjoy being with their atheist friends, and not try to convert them, because if our God is as great and loving as we claim, He has beneficent plans for all His children; if He is as far beyond human comprehension as we also claim, we can't prescribe to our fellow, fallible humans, what they *have* to believe about Him, in order to live a good life or afterlife. Further, just 'being with' and loving someone is a better way to share God's presence in one's life." I got bogged down engaging in a dialogue with some of the "New" atheism, but ultimately (soon) it'll come together! It will be out from the fine folks at Baylor University Press.

The novel, PALE GODS, is further along - 2/3 finished. I used to describe it as "Zombie Moby-Dick," but stopped, as everyone assumed (some with fascination, some with rolled eyes) that this meant "zombie whale(s)." It really means, "Crazy guy chases zombies, thinking that that will solve the 'issues' he has with the Universe and its Creator." (Since that's what I think Moby-Dick is really about, substituting "Whale" for "zombies.")

Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Review!

My "brother from another mother," over at ZOMBIE BIBLE posted a great review of VALLEY OF THE DEAD!

Lucy from DYING TO LIVE: LAST RITES may be my proudest moment, in terms of creating a character (and I do think Dante's character in VALLEY is a little flat), but VALLEY I think will remain my favorite writing - the imagery, the pathos, there are just so many passages where I cry when I reread it. And to be able to pay tribute to a work that was so instrumental to my own intellectual and spiritual development was another level of passion and commitment to the work.

Biggest Giveaway of All Time!

Well, I think for my blog it is. I think for the whole universe, that'd be an exaggeration.

I have THREE nifty books on slasher films!

Leave a comment here, anytime between now and JULY 31 and you'll be entered to win all three! (Please make sure there's some way to contact you by email or Facebook.) I'll sign my essay in BKBC, even! This'll be a great package for a slasher film fan!

Good luck!

EDITED (07/12/12) To help out Scott and Tabby, I've bought a copy of Scott's book and I'll add it to this giveaway.


Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Promo USB Drives

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Italian Edition

Is all finished and ready to go! If you're into that, here's the link!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Nonfiction Collection Cover

I think it looks cool!


Triumph of The Walking Dead