Monday, January 14, 2008

Three Stories

I finished three short stories over break. Here are teaser/synopses for them, along with the first place I'm submitting them for publication:

"The Big Heat" (1700 words): Under the sweltering Texan sun, a cruel and carnivorous giant attacks a herd of cattle, but they're not the only ones suffering in this tale of eco horror. Submitted to Permuted Press for their Giant Creatures anthology.

"Miriam" (4400 words): A grieving mother creates a golem to replace her dead daughter, but who will look after the creature once she's gone? Submitted to Magus Press for their Winter anthology.

"Faithless and Blessed Generation" (3900 words): In the distant future, children hear the tale of how civilization destroyed itself in a mad attempt to force God to bring about the Apocalypse. Submitted to Mythos Books for their Cthulhu 2012 anthology.


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