Sunday, January 06, 2008

Presidential Debates

I try to stay aloof, since I am a Yellow Dog democrat and none of these debates could really change anything I'd believe, and also because I don't want to annoy any of you, my faithful readers, with my simplistic commentary. But tonight I got sucked into the NH debates, so here goes my very brief analysis.

The Republicans: I really couldn't care less what these six old, rich, white guys think. (See above on my political affiliation.) But let me suspend my disbelief for a second and pretend like I might actually care. Their only thought on the energy or environmental crisis was that we need more nuclear energy in this country. And on foreign policy they fell all over each other on who could be more bellicose. Brilliant. If those sound to you like the way to go, then go vote for one of them - I hardly think it matters which one.

The Democrats:

Edwards: Wow, I didn't think anyone could get away with such a rabidly populist message. He said everything but that he'd go after the corporate fat-cats who were killing babies and eating them with Grey Poupon. I have to say that ideologically I'd support him enthusiastically.

Obama: I hadn't heard more of him than sound bites, and his reputation for great speeches is deserved. The cadences and the substance are there. If Edwards projects passion and anger, Obama projects hope.

Richardson: He seems like a very nice man.

Hillary: I've said it before - she is utterly unelectable. She and Rudy are the two most unlikeable people on the planet. They have that uncanny ability to come across simultaneously as both a bully and a whiner. I can't believe either of them have gotten this far.

Minor points:

Was that gorgeous strawberry-blonde, young woman in the audience who I think it was? WOW! I'd been assuming she'd someday outgrow her ugly duckling status and it took a bit longer than I thought, but WOW!

Obama is left-handed. Except for me, left-handed people are noticeably more intelligent and creative than right-handers. Definite plus.

It was hilarious when the host said in reference to tax brackets, "A married couple of two professors here at St. Anselm's makes $200,000 a year," and the crowd let out such a groan and guffaw that he had to stop. That can't be too hard a number to look up, is it? So that your comment might actually relate to people on planet Earth?


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