Friday, January 18, 2008

Review for History Is Dead

From the Creature Feature Tomb of Horror (

HISTORY IS DEAD edited by Kim Paffenroth

Zombies are hot again, and Stoker winner Kim Paffenroth puts a brand new spin on zombie lore with this killer anthology. Historians have learned that the living dead have been walking the earth since history began, and these twenty scary stories illuminate just how important zombies have been to human evolution, art, technology and science! 2006 Stoker winner Jonathan Maberry tells a scathingly humorous tale, "Pegleg and Paddy Save the World", in which Great Chicago Fire of 1871 is not caused by Mrs. O'Leary's cow, but by a the zombie of Paddy O'Leary's nasty Aunt Sophie. Ed Turner's "Edison's Dead Men" is a wicked take on the famed inventor who makes mad science with some reanimated corpses. David Dunwood's "Reluctant Prometheus" is a truly scary story set in the prehistoric era, and James Roy Daley's "Summer of 1816" harkens back to the famous weekend when Mary Shelly wrote ther immortal novel, Frankenstein. John Peel's "The Loaned Ranger" is a dark parody of the story of the Lone Ranger, in which a slaughtered Texas Ranger is raised from the dead by a certain, ahem, Native American, and sent to wreak havoc on his murderers. HISTORY IS DEAD is a sleek, high-powered zombie anthology pulled together by a cool concept that hits on all cylinders. Great zombie stories all around--not a clunker in the bunch! With truly disturbing cover art by Christian Dovel, yikes!


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