Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Another Non-Fiction Announcement

This one's further along in the editorial process, but I think there are also more in the queue ahead of it over at McFarland Publishing.

Generation Zombie: Essays on the Living Dead in Modern Culture. Edited by Stephanie Boluk and Wylie Lenz

"Introduction: Zombie as Metaphor" by Stephanie Boluk and Wylie Lenz

"White Zombies in the Black Republic: William Seabrook's The Magic Island, American Capitalism and Early Horror Film" by Gyllian Phillips

"Radio Zombies! Horror Radio and U.S. Colonial Ambivalence in the 1930s and 1940s" by Chris Vials

"Lost Bodies/Lost Souls: Night of the Living Dead as MIA Narrative" by Karen Randell

"Slowly Shambling up Mount Improbable: Evolution in Romero's Dead Films" by Sean Moreland

"Pedagogies of the Undead: From Bare Life to Whatever Resistance in George Romero's Zombie Films" by Tyson Edward Lewis

"Soft Murders: Motion Pictures and Living Death in Diary of the Dead" by Randy Laist

"Gray is the New Black: Race, Class and Zombies" by Aalya Ahmad

"Like, Dead and Live Life: Zombies, Digital Culture, and Queer Sociality"
by Shaka McGlotten

"Zombies as Internal Fear or Threat" by Kim Paffenroth

"Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Zombie: From Suggestion to Contagion" by Phillip Mahoney

"The E-Dead: Zombies in the Digital Age" by Brendan Riley

"Rhetoric Goes Boom(er): Agency, Networks, and Zombies at Play" by Scott Reed

"Lego, Handcraft, Edible, and Pin Up Zombies: How Flickr Community Members Use the Zombie Metaphor" by Trevor Owens

"Cyberpunk and the Living Dead" by Andrea Austin

"We Are the Zombie: Danny Boyle's Infected and John Wyndham's Triffid as Metaphors of the Political, Social, and Philosophical Structure of Postwar Britain" by Nicole LaRose

"The Groping City: The Zombie Cozy in Graphic and Film Adaptations of John Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids" by Terry Harpold


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